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Outstanding questions in evolutionary biology are being increasingly addressed with genomic data.  Areas that have already or will soon experience increased benefits from continual advances in genome technologies include speciation, adaptation, ecological genetics, eco-physiology, evolution of development, epidemiology, immunology, phylogeography, conservation management, and of course molecular phylogenetics and molecular evolution, and their applications to biogeography.  Students in molecular ecology and evolution are increasingly finding that access to genomic data, however, is outpacing access to training in how to organize and analyze genomic data. Furthermore, as new technologies rapidly come online, some students may be as yet unaware of the potential availability and application of newer methods to their research projects.

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The course is completely free to all admitted students, as are hotel and meals.

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Andrew J. Crawford
New genome in @BioRxiv for endangered S Mountain Yellow-legged Frog (Rana muscosa)👉🏽 https://t.co/nYzHQP5lRl 1 cat… https://t.co/AHYXTsEGCs

About EGT3C 2019

The EGT3C 2019 workshop will promote the growth of evolutionary biology as a scientific discipline in Colombia and other Latin American countries. Working with national and international partners, this intensive workshop will provide basic training in genomic approaches to answering evolutionary questions.

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